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Hey, who wants pizza; When Andi decides to go to the part

== Hey, who wants pizza? ==

So in this episode, Andi is encouraging Bowie to propose to Bex but he still is not sure if he's ready, or even if Bex is ready. Meanwhile, Andi, Buffy and Cyrus get invited to the Space Otters Team Party. Andi says she will think about going. After Buffy and Cyrus leave Jonah gives back the bracelet that she gave to him in "13" (an episode) indicating that he broke up with Amber which we see in the last episode of Andi Mack season one. When Andi decides to go to the party she sits down and Jonah annonces that their is one person who truly stands out. Buffy and Cyrus thinks it's Andi but it turns out to be Cyrus. When Jonah then wants to talk alone with Andi again, Cyrus is dissapointed. Jonah asks if they could be together as an item and Andi happily says yes. The next day Cyrus admits to Buffy at The Spoon that he was jealous of Andi. Buffy asks if he likes Andi but Cyrus denies it. Buffy then understands that he likes Jonah and is very supportiv about it. That same day Bowie proposes to Bex but Bex only says "umm". Later the next day Andi asked how much more time she needs and she says none. She says she will not marry Bowie but she doesn't tell Bowie yet. This is where the episode ends.

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